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Welcome to our school


Do you recall when you were learning to ride a bike? When you were first attempting to drive a car? Do you remember your first day at school? All these situations presented you with a range of challenges to face, decisions to make, people to meet and skills to learn.

Most people, given the time and support needed at the time became confident and competent riders, drivers and learners. And so your child faces the challenges and excitement of beginning at a new school.

It is appropriate to inform you that the purpose of our school is to cater for the needs of the growing, learning person you have entrusted to our care and to help him/her prepare for a life of fulfilment and worth. I know that with your support and encouragement your child will quickly adapt to the new circumstances of our school and become a confident and competent learner who is always striving to achieve.

On behalf of the children, staff and parents of Willmot Public School I welcome you to our school and hope that in a relatively short time you think of it as your school as well. I am sure that your child’s time at Willmot will be challenging and rewarding.

I particularly value the importance of open communication and welcome enquiries or comments on any aspect of school life. The future of our school community looks extremely positive indeed. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationships and our learning.


Ms Anne Denham


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